Uncage Your Story



By becoming aware and understanding our life stories, we become more complete and free.
The narratives of our life unfurl despite ourselves and not according to our own doing. 
It's not just a single moment or isolated story, but a complex fabric of stories woven together like the pieces of the quilt.
We can learn to become aware of these stories we carry around with us.
We can learn to discern the multiple layers of gifts and insights our stories offer when our ears are open to listening and our hearts are open to understanding.
Would you like to explore more deeply how your stories become ingrained in you & what their purpose is?
Would you like to understand what your stories have to teach you?
Would you like to learn the tools to develop the awareness to release & reframe your old stories?
Would you like to feel empowered with the new understanding & freedom that uncaging your stories will bring you?
Would you like to learn how to use these stories to infuse your creative works & your day-to-day life?
If your answer is a resounding YES! then I would love to embark on this journey with you to:


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